Your Questions About Simple Ways To Lose Weight.

William asks…

What are some simple ways to lose weight?

I’m a teenager. What are some quick &easy ways to lose a few pounds? I mean I know about exercising and eating healthy, but what else can I do? What worked for you?


Try the lil Jack workout

Sandy asks…

What are good ways to lose weight for a teenager?

I’m 14 and I don’t weigh much but I wanna lose some weight for summer and I don’t want any diet pills anythin like that something simple and easy…….anybody got any ideas?


Running is a great way to loose weight and is easy/cheap to do (:

George asks…

What the simplest way to lose weight for a teenager?

Okay I’m 16, 162 pound and I’m 5ft 5. I’m not fat but I’m not skinny either. I try to be healthy but it’s not working. I have trouble sticking to plans. I don’t have access to a gym but i do have a treadmill and it bores me to death so I have problem keeping up with walking on the treadmill everyday.I just want to know what works? If you do have solid advice, I’ll take anything as long as its simple. Please some good advice :)



“How can you lose weight? With diet and exercise. The key to success is developing healthy diet and exercise habits. Diet just means eating healthy, lower calorie meals. Exercise means being more active.” (mayoclinic)

Here are some tips in losing weight:

1) Set reasonable goals. For Ex, I want to lose 10 pounds in one month.
2) Focus on your diet.
Count calories and keep a food diary.
Go on a low-calorie diet.
Cut down on sugar, high fructose corn syrup, trans fats and saturated fats.
Burn more calories by exercising: Run, walk, even exercise at the computer you are sitting in front of now.
Raise your metabolism.” (wikihow)

3) Use the “Food and Fitness Planner” and “BMI Plus Calculator” on
4) Be motivated by your willpower, your friends, families, and even online sites!
5) Keep researching – There are so much FREE information in the Internet! You can also get tips from online forums and video clips from youtube!

6)More than losing weight is being healthy. There are four type of health you should be aware of: physical, mental/emotional, social, and spiritual.

Eat a well-balanced deit.
Participate in regular physical activity.
Get at least nine hour hours of sleep every night
Have regular health screenings.
Avoid tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs.
Understand and follow school rules related to health.
Avoid unnecessary risks.
Face difficult situations with a positive and realistic outlook.
Identify, express, and manage your feelings appropriately.
Set priorities so taht you can handle all of your responsibilities.
Use your talents effectively to achieve your goals.
Be patient with yourself as you learn new skills. If you make a mistake, think about how you can do better the next time.
Accept responsibility for your actions.
Support and value members of your family.
Have a friendly, open attitude toward other people.
Pay attention to what you say and how you say it.
Be a loyal, truthful, and dependable friend.
Learn to disagree without arguing and show respect for others.
Don’t insult others or put them down. (Teen Health)

1. Is Jesus in your life?
2. How is your walk with God?
3. What do you know about God?
4. Do you believe you are going to Heaven?
5. What is your purpose in life?
6. Do you feel empty inside despite all you have attained and did?
7. Are you always ready to forgive and give to others?
8. Are you overflowing with love and joy?
9. Who do you call for help first? (The Creator or The Creation)
10. Do you believe your faith is strong enough?

7) Periodically check on your wellness and to see how much it improved and the areas you can adjust to enhance it. There’s always room for improvement. So, scrutinize! ^ ^

— Sorry, if that was too long. I hope it was helpful! Thanks for everything :)

Ken asks…

what’s a healthy way for a teenage girl to lose weight?

i’m not obese or anything. i just want to be a little slimmer in my hips and thighs.

hoping for a simple, easy, healthy way for a teenager with a busy schedule.

i’m also in cheerleading so anything that might help me with that would be cool too.


Leg press..!!

Michael asks…

how can i lose weight easily?

im 16 years old, i weight 145.4 lbs and im 5’3 ( i have heavy muscle which is possible to have)
a lot of people say i only look about 120lbs but i still want to lose weight (and i noticed ive been losing a bit of weight but nothing drastic). anyways back to my point i want an easy way to lose weight and get a nice tone in my body. i walk daily and i eat healthy for a teenager, i drink lots of water and tea. all i want is a simple diet and easy workout routine nothing hardcore. i want to tone out my thighs mostly. and i have no problem with going to the gym ,or doing yoga. i can also get a treadmill ! im looking to lose about 25lbs and afterwards just have a simple workout to follow to keep my weight maintained and my body toned . also how long will take to do this ?! anything you would like to add that might help or as suggestion would be great but no rude comments (: would be nice if i can keep my butt cause i like it.


Losing 10 lbs a month is a good and safe target. Any faster weight loss is likely to be temporary only and in most cases you regain it all.

Running, jogging, cycling, swimming, dancing, push ups, sit ups, squats, brisk walking and power walking all help for weight loss but dieting helps more.

One of the healthiest weight loss diets is the DASH diet.

The healthy DASH diet can help you lose weight safely and effectively, lower your cholesterol and lower your blood pressure.

It is based on an eating plan rich in fruits and vegetables, and low-fat or non-fat dairy, with whole grains. It is a high fiber, low to moderate fat diet, and is rich in potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

You can see further details in a web search for “dash diet” + “lose weight”.

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How to Loss Weight Fast

Forget Everything Your Parents Told You About Eating!

"You cannot leave the table until you eat everything on your plate!"
"Come on. You got room for dessert. I made a pie!"
"Quick! The bus is here. Take this pop tart. You don’t have time for breakfast."
"I do not have time to make dinner. We will stop at the drive-thru for burgers."
"If you don’t hurry up and eat you will be late for…"

And if want to know how to loss weight fast, you do not have to use that four-letter word "diet" as far as counting calories, adding up points, limiting carbs, buying "diet" foods or any such thing associated with weight loss. But just to be fair, Wikipedia’s definition of diet  is "In nutrition, the diet is the sum of food consumed by a person …"  Technically we are all on a diet. Most are not healthy.

Easy ways to loose weight start by undoing "bad" eating habits that were taught to us as children. This is more basic than what to eat. How to loss weight fast starts with how to eat.Loose weight now!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and should be the biggest. Nothing says breakfast has to be either cold cereal or a bagel. If you don’t have time to cook, reheat some leftovers. A sandwich can be nutritious, filling, and still quick to make and portable. Include fruits and berries; an apple can be eaten in the car or bus. And don’t forget plenty of fluids; water, tea, OJ, or milk. Breakfast is a must if you are serious about how to loss weight fast.

The traditional lunch at noon and dinner at 5 must be reconsidered. For easy ways to loose weight to work, you must not think you are starving. Eat four, even five "meals" spaced evenly throughout the day. These are not to be considered, fill-your-plate, must unbuckle a notch, Thanksgiving-type meals. And don’t think like snacks, chips, candy bar, and a soda. These are regular 3-4 item meals but use the dessert plates to limit your portions.

Meals should not be a marathon to see how much nor a sprint to see how quick. If possible eat with someone, engaging in conversation. If eating alone, read or take time between bites. When you first start on how to loss weight fast take a drink of water or tea between each bite. And when you are full, stop eating. Put any leftovers in the fridge or cooler. Always have plenty of water between meals.
If you really want to know how to loss weight fast, the most important of easy ways to loose weight, NEVER, Ever, eat at at a place were you are handed your food from a window to your car. The reasons to never eat fast food are too numerous to list here (it may be a future post), just don’t. Don’t take the kids, the dog, or let anybody you care for eat there either. Remember, you want to know how to loss weight fast.

Have you ever lost weight on a "fad diet" just to regain more weight later? The reason is you had bad eating habits and you went back to your old ways. Easy ways to loose weight start with good eating habits. The good eating habits will help you get started on how to loss weight fast, but should become a way of life after you have reached your weight loss goal.

Next, look at "the sum of food consumed"; your diet. Is yours healthy?

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Ways For Teens to Lose Weight

Obesity is on the rise for teenagers as well as adults, and the health risks related to being overweight are threatening more and more teens. However, teens have special nutritional needs that make them particularly vulnerable to the dangers of a poorly planned diet. Growth spurts and bodily changes mean that teenagersWays for teens to lose weight naturally. require high levels of energy, calcium, fiber, and iron, among other nutrients. Here are some teen weight loss tips that can help stay healthy while losing weight.

1. Get More Exercise

Weight loss can be achieved not only by cutting back calories, but also by increasing the number of calories that you burn through exercise. By focusing on weight loss through exercise, you can burn off those extra pounds without cutting back on the essential nutrients that you need. Join a swim team, get your friends together for volleyball matches on the weekends, or simply walk around your neighborhood, but get outside and get moving.

2. Eat More Complex Carbs

Your body uses carbohydrates as a source of energy, which it particularly needs in the teenage years. Simple carbohydrates, like sugars and unrefined flours, give your body a quick jolt of energy that wears off quickly, leaving you feeling drained and hungry once again. On the other hand, complex carbs like wild rice, oatmeal, and cauliflower are broken down by the body more slowly. This gives you long-lasting energy without the sugar crash, and it also makes you feel more satisfied. Healthy ways to loose weight.

3. Don’t Skip Meals

With the pressure of going to school, doing homework, and having a social life, it can be tempting to save time by skipping meals – especially breakfast. However, skipping meals deprives your body of the nutrition it needs, reduces your energy levels, and can send your body into starvation mode, which makes it harder to lose weight.

4. Set Reasonable Goals 

If you are determined to lose too much weight too quickly, you are setting yourself up for failure and disappointment. Speak with your doctor to decide upon a reasonable weight loss plan for your situation. Don’t be too hard on yourself – weight loss is tough for teens as well as for adults, and it’s going to take some time to achieve your ideal weight.

Author: Carl Walker

Find out 21 sure fire ways to lose weight and claim your free secrets of successful weight loss newsletter.

Article Source:

Safe And Easy Ways For Teens to Lose Weight   It will also determine if you’re both healthy enough to engage in an exercise program to lose weight. Easy weight loss for teens and you doesn’t have to be complicated. 

Weight Loss for Teens   Weight Loss for Teens: Nine Terrific Tips! Figuring out a strategy for losing weight is a great first step! 

Encouraging Teens to Lose Weight     Nearly 1 in 5 American adolescents is overweight or obese, but encouraging teenagers to lose weight can be a tricky business. Adolescents are particularly vulnerable to eating disorders, and so adults must choose their words carefully. 

Helping Teens Lose Weight    Advice for Helping Teens Lose Weight:Losing weight as a teen is far different from losing weight as an adult. 

Teenage Weight Loss      Five Sure and Safe Ways for Teens to Lose Weight. 

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1 Comment

Rapid Weight Loss System

No. 1 -Get your mindset right !Lose 10 lbs in 1 week.
Ok so you’ve made the decision that you want or need to lose some weight. (It doesn’t matter how much or how little but the conscious decision has been made) Now you’ve made that – stick with it, tell friends and family, get their support and encouragement and they can help when you possibly waiver and start to question your decision.

No .2 – Keep it Simple
There are many easy ways to lose weight, and most of them are simple little things that we can do in our everyday lives. But you need to think through what can be achieved easily and won’t disrupt or stress out your life.

No.3 – Get Some Results Fast
It’s vital to get some result, even a very small one quickly. mind- Set wise, it will keep you focused and offer the mental encouragement to soldier on and achieve your end goal.

No.4 Get Walking
Of the more easy ways to lose weight fast you have a few options open to you which you can implement into your lifestyle almost immediately, and one of these is the very basic fact of walking. That’s right, walking.

By using your legs and walking to where you want to go, you will find that you are getting in more exercise without even having to go to a gym. Just park your car a goodly distance from where you want to get to, and then walk the remaining way.

No.5 Portion Control
Lose weight in 10 days.Other easy ways of losing weight include not taking seconds for any meal. Serve what you want for each meal, at the very beginning, (and remember not to load your plate up!), then restrict yourself to what you have on your plate. If you are being served by someone else, then eat only what you normally do, you don’t have to clean the plate out!

No.6 Drink Plenty of Water
Drink plenty of water, this not only keeps you hydrated but it can also help to stave off food cravings at unwonted hours. And if you must have a little something to nibble on, then make sure that what you are eating is something healthy – stay away from the candy bars!

No.7 Remember – Keep it Simple
Doing just one or any number of these simple and easy ways to lose weight will help you to get control back into your life and help you to lose weight in a manner that is not only healthy but which is also easy for you to stick with day after day. In this manner you will find that it is also easier for you to keep any excess weight off through the years.

No.8 Small Results over Time Last !
losing weight in this manner however, won’t get you fastest results, but for the busy person who has little to no time on their hands to devote to losing weight (read into that going to the gym etc), you will find that utilizing some of these very simple and easy ways to lose weight, can help you overall than a regular diet plan which you have to constantly go out of your way to accommodate.

And to help you stick with your decision, there is no better thing that you can do than to find simple and easy ways to lose weight. In this way you will be able to more easily stick to your guns which means that you will also more easily be able to lose weight without having to go out of the way to do so.

By: Sam Russell

Article Directory:

Sam Russell owns and operates, a site that aims to offer advice and help for busy women who need to lose a few extra lbs. Also


Are Rapid Weight Loss Systems Any Good?   Are Rapid Weight Loss Diets Of Any Use? by Dwain Shramek. The amazing miracle weight loss system that can make you lose 10 pounds in 10 days no matter what you eat! 

A Weight Loss System Review   Warp Speed Fat Loss combines years of weight loss knowledge into one workout program. It cuts out a lot of scientific jargon and is a unique combination of fat dissolving methods. 

Herbs For Fast Weight Loss Program   While there surely isn’t a lack of weight loss programs now days, there is a slight trick involved when it comes to dropping those added pounds. Which one most excellent suits your body and daily routine? 

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Women Fat Loss Help

Life is really busy today. There is not enough time to do anything sometimes. Our lives are full with our careers, family, education and other things.

At times it can be hard trying to fit weight loss into our schedule. This article

Best ways to lose weight fast.

will offer a number of tips and suggestions on what’s the quickest way to lose weight for a busy woman. It will discuss ways to lose weight from home. It will also look at the fastest easiest way to lose weight. So let’s get started with those tips.

1) Be happy with yourself, because you’ve made the decision to lose weight! You have realized that you are going to take control of your life and make a change for the better!

2) Try to lose only between two to three pounds a week, nothing more.

3) Make sure to get the approval of your doctor before starting any exercise or weight loss program.

4) If you do decide to start a weight loss program, look for one that not only gives you a food or diet plan, but also an exercise program.

5) Continue with whatever program you get into and remember to eat healthy and exercise. You may even purchase some exercise equipment for your home, because having even just one piece of equipment are great ways to lose weight from home.

6) Eat at home if at all possible. Try to avoid fast food restaurants all together. It’s better to prepare healthy meals at home, so that you know Lose weight foods.what ingredients went into your food.

7) Make sure to eat a variety of nutritional foods from all the food groups. If  you decide to go with a diet plan, be sure to choose one that offers a selection of foods from all the food groups and not from only one or two.

Life can be extremely busy these days. Remember with a little motivation and determination even a very busy woman can be successful in losing weight. Therefore, the fastest easiest way to lose weight is through eating right and getting plenty of exercise. So there you have it, your answer to, for the busy woman, what’s the quickest way to lose weight?

By: burtamadio

Article Directory:

To have further information about what’s the quickest way to lose weight and to learn about a previously unrevealed weight loss secret, go to‘>What’s the quickest way to lose weight.


Fat Loss Help   Eating lean proteins like chicken and fish your metabolism to burn more helpfat, while preserving lean muscle. 4-Increase you water intake.

Fat Loss Diet Rules    It’s just that there are so many "rules" for weight loss and weight control out there that really do NOT get to the heart of the matter, and simply keep us in misery when it comes to items …  

 Fat Loss Supplements   You might also like to consider a safe fat loss supplements like Thyrogen X which can also aid your weight loss progress. 

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